We at Manhattan Review have always had a sense of social responsibility. With an intent to support the less privileged, and the needy, Manhattan Foundation, the CSR wing of Manhattan Review was started on February 10th 2015 and has actively supported Orphanages and Old age homes, since, in line with the passion of the founders of Manhattan Review, India, to support the people that cannot take care of themselves on their own – the little ones and the older ones.

As you can see in our Events page, we support orphanages and old age homes and the pictures from some of the activities have been posted on the site.

COVID-19 is a time Manhattan Foundation has stepped up and is doing a lot of activities to support those in need. From feeding the less privileged to supporting the migrant workers in various pockets across the city of Hyderabad, Manhattan Foundation is taking little steps to add value to the community we live in.

COVID-19-Event 1 was one of the first large scale events conducted on 26th of April 2020, where 400 people were provided lunch which included 180 GHMC sanitation workers. It’s not all about GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, and Admissions. It’s also about caring and demonstrating that by sharing. We may not be able to make a change in the whole world, but we can make a change in someone’s life – and Manhattan Foundation is doing just that - one person at a time.

We aim to serve 1 lakh meals before the lockdown ends. And with your support, we can do it sooner.

All the donations made to Manhattan Foundation are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Manhattan Foundation
Account #: 919020064091393
IFSC: UTIB0000370
Branch: Himayatnagar

Note that each donor receives a unique ID and is given access to a google spreadsheet that has the details of the donations made by all donors. The names of the donors are not stated in the spreadsheet, rather the ID of the donor is mentioned in order to protect the privacy of the donors. This is done to maintain the highest level of transparency and so that the donors know that their donations are being used appropriately.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.